IT started when Theresa May refused to give The National access to a press event during her trip to Scotland last November.

If we had no way to pose questions or get answers, we asked ourselves, why should we print what the UK Government wanted everyone to hear?

So we didn't.

Our front page, featuring the bold "Headline In Here" statement, made waves around the world – and now it has been nominated for a Scottish Press Award.

The National:

National editor, Callum Baird, explained that "it would make strong point, we thought, to leave the space where the story would have gone completely blank. After all, that’s all she seems interested in giving our readers".

He continued: "But while that might have satisfied our readers who have already picked up the paper, we also wanted to send a message to Downing Street that it was simply unacceptable to block Scotland’s only pro-independence newspaper from asking tough questions of the Prime Minister.

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"Just weeks after Donald Trump had tried to revoke the press pass of a prominent CNN journalist he didn’t like, here was his buddy May doing much the same thing in Scotland.

"A thriving democracy depends on a free press."

Other front covers to be nominated include The Courier for their exclusive look inside the V&A, and the Scottish Daily Mail on "The day Scotland ground to a halt".

Also nominated from The National/Sunday National are Karin Goodwin and Lesley Riddoch, both for the Nicola Barry award and David Pratt for both Columnist of the Year and Reporter of the Year.

The winners will be revealed on April 25.