The National:

IT’S been a promising start to the make-up of the respective Debate Night panels over its first two episodes.

Despite causing a stooshie by contacting arch-Unionists Scotland in Union to invite their members to apply to be a member of the audience, yet failing to invite any pro-independence groups to do the same, three of the five panellists on the show’s debut episode were pro-independence.

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The first panel saw the SNP's John Swinney, poet Jenny Lindsay and entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, all independence supporters, take their seats in front of the audience.

The second episode was more of the same, with SNP MSP Kate Forbes, Alison McDonald, co-founder of Scots for Leave, who voted Yes in 2014, and Marsha Scott, CEO of Scottish Women's Aid, another independence supporter.

Here’s who’s on tonight’s show, which has seen the panel increased to six:

  • The SNP’s Jeane Freeman
  • The LibDem’s Alex Cole-Hamilton
  • Scottish Labour’s Neil Findlay
  • Lawyer Aamer Anwar
  • Scottish Tory Jamie Greene
  • Writer and head of Amnesty Scotland Naomi McAuliffe

A fair balance of pro-independence and anti-independence guests appears to be continuing. The three non-SNP politicians are all against independence, while Freeman and Anwar are pro-independence.

We are unsure on McAuliffe's persuasion position.