The National:

IT is often said that Scottish Tories have nothing to say other than to insist Scots are not capable of governing themselves.

In fairness to the Conservatives, though, they are very good about talking about how brilliant the Union is. You know, the Union which looks set to ensure Scotland is dragged out of the EU against its will.

But now, with the UK plunged into a near-unprecedented crisis, it seems the Scottish Tories have actually run out of things to say.

The master of saying nothing, Theresa May, was croaking her way through another dreary PMQs when Scottish Tory MP David Duguid was called on to ask a question.

Speaker John Bercow invited him to speak, but was rebuffed. Duguid had “previously signalled an interest” in questioning the Prime Minister, Bercow explained.

On a day when MPs will vote on a no-deal Brexit and an extension to Article 50, either of which would have serious consequences for every Scot, Duguid drew a blank.

Perhaps he could have asked about guarantees for the hospitality, tourism, fishing and social sectors, all of which face a shortage of skilled workers after Brexit and are crucial in his north-eastern constituency of Banff and Buchan.

Perhaps he could have asked for reassurances for the whole of Scotland, which a recent report suggests could be pushed into recession if a no-deal withdrawal takes place.

Perhaps he could have asked about freedom of movement – threatened by Brexit but crucial in Scotland, where the birth rate has reached its lowest level since 1855.

Or perhaps, with the UK aimlessly drifting towards a Brexit cliff edge, he could have asked the Prime Minister what she’s been playing at for two and a half years.

Duguid’s silence was made all the more lamentable when it is considered how fortunate he was to have the opportunity to speak at PMQs.

The SNP’s Ronnie Cowan explained: “I table for PMQs every week. I have been selected twice in nearly four years. We would all give our eye teeth for a question at #PMQs. But a Scottish Tory has nothing to ask the PM! Nothing for his constituents! Nothing for Scotland!”

Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said: “To say this is a failure of his duty would be an understatement. The Scottish Tory MPs have been inadequate in their representation of Scotland.

“At the most critical time in recent history for the UK Mr Duguid has simply chosen not to stand up for the people of Banff and Buchan.”

But in doing so, Duguid has epitomised the Scottish Tories’ attitude to their own people.

Scotland, we can do so much better.