THE Bank of Scotland Foundation is preparing to expand its funding programmes across the country later this year.

“Supporting Positive Change Across Scotland” is the foundation’s five-year plan which will see a range of new funding programmes open in 2019 and 2020 as the foundation rethinks its approach to how it invests.

The foundation’s funding programmes will change from Small, Medium and Large Grants to “Reach” grants of £1000-£20,000 for charities with an income of £1m or less, “Advise” grants that will provide financial literacy support, “Invest” grants that will put charities in a more stable position and “Change” grants which will ensure charities can have a long-term impact on communities. The first of the foundation’s new programmes will launch in August.

Philip Grant of the foundation’s Board of Trustees said: “In February 2019, the foundation’s annual donation from Lloyds Banking Group was almost

£5 million, a significant increase from the £2m received annually in previous years. This is fantastic news for Bank of Scotland Foundation as the extra funding enables us to tailor our programmes to the needs of those we support.”