THE SNP have called on Westminster politicians to definitively rule out a no-deal Brexit and acknowledge that Article 50 can be revoked.

MPs will have the chance to vote on an extension to Article 50, as well as a no-deal Brexit, on Wednesday evening.

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Ahead of the ballot, the SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, announced that his party will be opposing no-deal withdrawal as he urged the Prime Minister to “get real”.

He tweeted: “Today we have the opportunity to remove no deal by amending the Govts motion. No deal should be ruled out period.

“Unbelievably @theresa_may wants to rule our no deal for now but to leave it as the default position. She is facing both ways. Time to get real.”

Blackford also said the SNP would be seeking Parliament’s recognition that Article 50 could be revoked by MPs ­– a fact brought to light thanks to the legal challenge of six Scottish politicians.

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“Delighted to say @theSNP will be seeking to take no deal off the table in all circumstances and for the house to recognise we have the option to revoke article 50,” Blackford said.

“We have a duty to protect Scottish jobs first and foremost.”