THE United Kingdom: A failing state lead by a cowardly unelected demagogue who stands nominally in charge of a group of braying donkeys. Strong words perhaps, yet accurate indeed, for the facts absolutely bear out these statements, as well as many more which are even less complimentary.

Consider that Theresa May hasn’t actually won a General Election, she clung to inherited power by cobbling together the biggest publicly owned bribe in state history, gifted directly to the small minority DUP. These folk then promised to lend their support to allow May’s avaricious grasp on the reins of power to continue. Without that billion plus of taxpayers’ money to Northern Ireland, she’d be history. So, perhaps, would Brexit, for Brexit would never have been a question without the infighting within her Tory party.

Theresa May has become somewhat famous, perhaps infamous is better, for her habit of postponing any battle in which she has any doubt at all of victory, and kicking any personally uncomfortable question into the long grass for as long as is feasible.

This Prime Minister has fallen to the largest vote defeat of any leader in the three centuries and more of this Union’s history, and still, unlike her predecessors, she stays.

The latest defeat should have seen immediate resignation by May. Instead she primed the UK over the weekend with teasers while trying bribery to English counties in the form of aid, and threats to parliamentarians of “no Brexit at all”.

It is true, the Tories might elect another to lead them as they walk the electoral path yet, with any such having supported May, what right thinking human could actually lend such an individual their vote?

With the official opposition in even worse shape, drowning in the mire of scandal after scandal, abstention after abstention, surely it is time for Scotland to dissolve, unilaterally, this misbegotten Union with Westminster. In reality, there’s little of significance to repatriate; foreign policy, yes, and the military. For the remainder we’ve our own institutions already in place, or can quickly assemble such.

This Prime Minister is simply the outward example of the anti-Scottish cancer which is systemic within the halls of the palace she inhabits. It is past time we, the Scots, are done with it all.

Ashley MacGregor
East Kilbride

AS the Brexit fiasco gets more ridiculous every day, the present focus seems to be entirely on “the backstop”. However we seem to be forgetting why the UK (not Scotland or Northern Ireland) voted to leave Europe. You will recall that big red bus. Much was made of the “vast” sums of money we were handing over to the EU every week, with no mention of what was returned in the way of subsidies to farming and fishing, as well as capital contributions to a plethora of infrastructure and other projects throughout the UK.

I have just received my tax code notification for the next financial year. On the back page of this document there is a pie chart showing how my tax contributes to public spending. Under “UK contribution to the EU budget”, I am paying £14.00, or 0.68% of the total. This segment of the chart is so small that it appears as virtually a single line!

So, for the price of a pizza and a wee glass of wine I am being dragged out of the EU against my will, and my European citizenship gone.

At least I’ve still got my UK citizenship and a passport, unlike our European friends who have lived, worked and paid taxes here for many years and who are now facing distressing uncertainty over their future.

The politicians who are allowing this to happen are a disgrace, and will not be forgiven for destroying our economy and the rights we have enjoyed for more than years.

Angus Ferguson

WEEL, weel, fit neist? Prince Ed is bein gaein Forfar fur his 55th birday. Ae title, that haesnae existit since 1715, Earl o Forfar, wull pit Forfar on the maup an bring oor couthie countie, untelt weilth an weelbein. Aye richt! The obsquetious Unionists an heigh rankin Tories are aa dreeblin at the moo ower the prospec, nae dootin we wull aa be convinced this wull dae mair fur Forfarshire that 500 hunner berry pickers frae eastern Europe.

Independence is normal – thare is nae argie wi that. This silly gestur, herkin bek tae auncient feudalism, is nae gaein tae mak us chynge wir minds. If onythin, it juist heighlichts hoo oot o sync wi the modren wurld, the empirical state really is.

George T Watt

HERE we go again. I sincerely hope we can get an agreed position on currency very shortly. As predicted we have given our enemy a target and they are energetically promoting our varying opinions as “disagreement”, “confusion” and “division”.

I know of no country going to independence missing a step over currency and there was no need whatsoever for us to adopt a detailed position on this issue at this stage.

All our electors needed to know is that their cash would be safe and stable the day after we voted for independence and that after we had agreed lots of fairly complicated issues (like, for instance, our ownership of a significant percentage of the Bank of England) our government then would choose the best currency option out of the many available to us.

As far as I’m concerned, the SNP are correct and that is our own currency and our own central bank. The benefits of that is described best to our people at the appropriate time, ie when we are removed from possible and almost certain UK sabotage on the issue .

David McEwan Hill