The gin revolution shows no signs of slowing down with new products being launched almost weekly. The choice is spectacular, and the prices can be eye-watering. We have about 60 different gins in our wee basement shop on Bath Street, and over 200 in the warehouse, available to order. So how do you choose the perfect bottle to take home this weekend..?

I love a good gin, but I’m not one to muddle strawberries or slice a kumquat to add to the glass. I think all the flavour should already be in the spirit, so you just need a splash of tonic for the perfect serve. I’m really just after a good G&T, or a very dry martini if I’m feeling slightly fancier.

Here are a couple that are worth seeking out this weekend.

Bathtub Gin 43.3% (Majestic, £38). This is a lovely gin, bottled at the perfect ABV. My favourite gins always fall between 42 and 46%, and you get more flavour in the glass as a result. The flavours in this glass include juniper, orange peel and clove giving depth and character with just the right amount of spice and perfume. The bottle is reminiscent of something you’d find in an old-style apothecary, wrapped in brown paper with twine and a wax seal. You can also find the navy strength version (bottled at a whopping 57%) online for around £45. This makes an incredible dry martini, but you’d probably only need one or two to get the party started.

Verdant Dry Gin 43% (Inverarity One to One, £35.99). This classic gin from Dundee won the Scottish Gin of the Year Award in 2017 and is the very definition of craft distillation in very small batches. The spirit is distilled in a pot still called Little Eddie, which can hold 500 litres. Small batch. The botanicals include juniper, coriander seed, orris root, angelica and grains of paradise. This means that as well as the lovely juniper and citrus notes in the glass, you also get a peppery spice, an earthy quality and a hint of warming ginger. Keep the bottle in your fridge or freezer, and enjoy a large measure simply with tonic. Cheers!