Synth and Beyond with Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, BBC4, 8pm
IN theory, musicians Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert should clean up on a celebrity episode of All Star Mr and Mrs – they’ve been married for 24 years and have been in New Order together for even longer than that. However, it seems they are still capable of surprising each other with their musical tastes, and here they look back on their influences, which range from Captain Beefheart to disco. It seems eclectic tastes might run in the family, as Gilbert reveals that her dad was a fan of punk, while Morris shares the unlikely story of the time he was mistaken for Stevie Wonder.

The Lakes with Paul Rose, BBC2, 8.30pm
THE explorer digs out his rucksack and heads for Windermere in the Lake District. The National Park attracts 18 million visitors each year and is now a World Heritage site. Here, Rose finds out why the early tourists thought the Lakes was one of the most dangerous spots in the country. He also plunges into the world of long-distance swimming and helps the staff who run the boats on the lake and meets a Holocaust survivor who was airlifted to Windermere in 1945 as part of a mercy mission involving 300 orphans after the Second World War.

The Great Model Railway Challenge, C5, 8pm
JAMES Richardson and Tim Shaw present the third heat of the railway modelling contest in which three new teams set out to impress judges Steve Flint and Kathy Millat with their miniature masterpieces. This week’s challenge is to create layouts inspired by locations all around the world.

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways, C5, 9pm
ROB Bell revisits the decommissioned Somerset and Dorset line, which transformed the fortunes of local seaside towns but proved costly to build and maintain. He discovers why the boggy Somerset Levels presented such a challenge, and the expense of construction becomes even more apparent as he treks into the rocky Mendip Hills, where several grand viaducts had to be built. On the final, most expensive and tragic part of the line, Bell explores the hastily constructed Coombe Down Tunnel.