MPs should consider "party political partner counselling" to find a way to "rekindle some romance" between the Government and the DUP, it has been suggested.

Pete Wishart said it looked like the "shortest romance in political history is coming to an acrimonious end", after the Prime Minister's allies threatened to vote against the Budget if she breaks their red lines.

The SNP's Commons Leader called for an urgent debate to see if anything could be done to save the "very special relationship".

Wishart, speaking during business questions, said: "Forged in the passion of a billion pound dowry, how could they possibly have resisted the abundant charms of the cuddly DUP?

"Now it's to be sunk by a border between them, as deep as the Irish Sea, as the star-crossed political lovers will now bring themselves down as well as the country.

"So can we have an urgent debate about party political partner counselling, and see if there's anything possible we can do to rekindle some romance into this very special relationship?"

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom replied: "I would say to [Mr Wishart] that trying to hide behind the DUP when in fact it's the SNP who have done far more during this passage of legislation to try and harm the prospects for a good Brexit for the United Kingdom than any other party."

Wishart also suggested MPs debate "covert political missions" as he claimed Scottish Tories were secretly trying to stop Boris Johnson from becoming Prime Minister.

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He said: "In Scotland, we have 'Project A.R.S.' – I won't give you the last letter – the codeword for the not so secret mission given to Scottish Conservative Members of Parliament to stop the prime ministerial ambitions of the former foreign secretary.

"Apparently they've got polling which suggests, such is his popularity in Scotland, that they'd all be wiped out if he ever got anywhere near Number 10.

"But knowing the Scottish Conservative Members of Parliament as I do, and I do know them quite well now, I know that they will only go and make an A.R.S. – last letter left out – of it.

"So can we have a debate about covert political missions, and perhaps to see what we can do to properly resource and facilitate the Scottish Conservative Members of Parliament so that they are successful in this mission?"