NEW Scottish womenswear brand Rosamund of Scotland designs quirky clothing for all.

Founded this year by fashion designer Chloe White and her mum, textile designer Susan White, the brand has established itself as a family-run business. With backgrounds in art, design and business, the mother-daughter duo combine their skills to produce garments and run the label.

They explain: “We are so excited to have the chance to work together and combine our talents. As well as designing we also make the patterns, sew the garments and embellish them too; we are very busy ladies at the moment!”

The National:

Placing an importance upon ethical practices, Rosamund defines itself as a fashion brand with morals. The duo aspire to move away from fast fashion through producing clothing using high-quality materials which last and refrain from following trends. They also believe in working closely with the local creative community. One of the brand’s current collaborations is with The Scottish Design Exchange, a non-profit organisation which helps local creatives thrive within business, and Rosamund’s latest collection is available within the Edinburgh-based organisation. The label is also a member of Fashioned in Glasgow, a support service for emerging designers.

Reflecting upon support from the local community, they say: “We’ve been really blown away with the amazing and inclusive community industry that Scotland provides. We love that our business is doing so well right here in Scotland.”

The National:

Rosamund’s debut collection, entitled Love Letters, draws upon inspiration from Chloe’s time working as a postwoman.

Embracing a love for textile design, fine art and traditional sewing techniques, the range features simple silhouettes which are combined with bright, bold patterns to create a fun and quirky aesthetic. The eye-catching patterns showcase machine and hand appliquéd doors, postboxes and letters on high-quality linen fabric.

The collection also features watercolour paintings which have been transformed into textile designs and printed on to the finest silks.

The National:

Incorporating an element of individuality, the pair have hand-embroidered small details on to skirts and dresses to ensure no two garments are the same. Customers can also further personalise garments with a new made-to-measure option.