I REFER to an anonymous letter in Wednesday’s National referencing local concerns about the increasing use of campervans on our local roads.

I find it blatantly obvious that many such vehicles are being driven by people who are not capable of judging the size of their vehicles.

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I believe their use is occasional as they are clearly not able to judge the width accurately. One assumes they normally drive private cars, as they appear to be unable to reverse when necessary on single-track roads and just freeze awaiting the other party to reverse a considerable distance to a passing place. I had an instance recently when a campervan driver was obviously unable to judge his width, stayed on the white line, struck my mirror, and carried on merrily! The impact was such as to break my mirror, a new mirror costing some £300.

I obviously stopped but the other vehicle carried on. I reported the incident to the local police as I was required to, but with insufficient details they were unable to process the matter. In order to protect my no claims bonus I bought a new mirror and fitted it myself. This incident, although trivial, is not uncommon and leaves a bad impression of campervans locally.

Allan Martin