Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony, BBC 2,7pm

CLARE Balding presents highlights from PyeongChang, South Korea, where the 23rd staging of the Games was officially declared open, following a performance produced by the tournament organisers. The Olympics are taking place in the country 30 years after Seoul hosted the summer Games in 1988, with more than 3000 athletes expected to compete.

Lethal Weapon, STV, 9pm

TONIGHT’S story follows the cops as they investigate a death that occurred moments before the victim won a fortune on a horse race. Leo insists it’s a homicide and encourages the police to start digging around. Meanwhile, Murtaugh and Trish begin to feel the effects of having a child away at college and Roger updates his will – even including his cop buddy in it. Finally, Riggs struggles to come to terms with his past during therapy sessions and flashbacks shine a light on his disturbing childhood with his volatile father.

Requiem, BBC 1, 9pm

MATILDA tries to convince PC Graves that toddler Carys Howell must have been kept in the basement of Dean House. Graves is dismissive, but later wonders whether there’s something to the suggestion. Dean House grows increasingly unsettling, with mysterious occurrences and symbols appearing and a sinister presence that draws Matilda towards a room with a blue door. Matilda and Hal’s relationship becomes increasingly strained as Hal urges her to leave, but she remains intent on finding out the truth about her identity. Psychological thriller, starring Lydia Wilson and Joel Fry.

Nigel Slater’s Middle East, BBC 2, 9pm

TURKEY is one of only a handful of nations that has the ability to be self-sufficient. Its hugely diverse landscape produces a spectacular range and quantity of produce that defines its local cuisine. In its capital, Istanbul, Nigel gets a taste of the exuberant dishes of the Sultans, before travelling to Central Anatolia where he meets families who are working hard to preserve their traditional food culture in the face of mounting modernity. The food writer also explores the Eastern Black Sea region, where he discovers the mosaic-like quality of Turkish culture and cuisine.