“FINAL warning ‘UN report must spark action on climate” is a headline in Tuesday’s National. Most people are now aware of the danger we face, but how many hurrying to work are in a position to effect the changes needed to head off the 1.5C deadline?

Gone in my lifetime the days of a croft, two cows and 50 sheep. There is no way back to what was once a sustainable family lifestyle. Further oil drilling in Alaska has been given the green light, and wars are fought as the world wallows in back-biting politics. A handful of dictators and mega-wealthy run the planet. Ten years is all they have left before the weather begins to take more control of human behaviour, and not for the better.

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An independent Scotland must stand out. Forget freeports, deal with tax evasion, be a leader in curbing emissions and integrating our land usage with sound environmental principles. Harness our green energy potential and concentrate on the wellbeing of all in a fair, modern society.

Iain R Thomson