CRAIG Dalzell has told us that Scotland has been undersold in the issuing of new wind farm licences by many billions – more than enough to settle all of the current pay disputes and greatly improve services in health, care and education (Mistakes have been made – here’s what to learn from them, Feb 11). This is a very serious charge against the Scottish Government which requires a detailed answer.

Craig argues the Common Weal line that a state-owned national energy company should be established. He explains how without cost, the energy sector could be nationalised in a decade or so. Norway gives us the obvious example of the state controlling the production of oil over the past few decades and amassing a fund of $1.2 trillion. Scotland has lost out to corporate profits (currently at obscene levels while we shiver) over these years but Craig gives us a way forward to capture these profits for the state for the future. After all, wind power will go on forever.

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The Scottish Government has claimed not to have had the power under devolution to follow Norway’s example. Recently, however, the Welsh government have adopted the Common Weal policy and are establishing a national energy company. If they can do it under devolution, what’s stopping our government? Is the lobbying by the private giants of the energy sector too convincing or convenient for our representatives?

We need answers from our government. Why are they not adopting this suggestion to benefit the Scottish people?

Campbell Anderson