I AM sure that I can’t be alone in absolutely hating the term “bed blocking”.

It is in my opinion derogatory and in lots of peoples minds demonises the frail elderly patients who are usually the people being referred to in the term bed blocking.

The fact that governments fail to have sufficient home care packages in place for the people in our society who need them most is a disgrace in the 21st century, and yet they point the finger for governmental inadequacy by calling the frail elderly patients BED BLOCKERS.

It’s a disgusting, disrespectful way of referring to all of our senior citizens.

Stop it now!

A Smart
Milton of Campsie

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RISHI Sunak in his tribute thanked Nicola for her service to the Scottish people. Funny that. I remember the drip-fed Tory-Lab mantra of “Nicola Sturgeon has failed the people of Scotland”.

Laugh? What if I didn’t!

WJ Graham
East Kilbride