A TICKING time-bomb is just around the corner for millions. It has been ticking for some time and concerns have been raised by many charities, debt companies, food banks and households. In a matter of seven weeks we are all going to see a huge rise in our energy costs once again, with the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) rising by a whopping 20%.

The cap will take the annual bill for a typical household paying by direct debit to around £3000, but what about those on pre-payment meters, the ones who can least afford, the ones to whom the Government at Westminster chooses to apply “out of sight, out of mind”!

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This latest increase to the EPG will seem much larger as there is no new money for households from the Westminster government being mooted. Perhaps MPs from all parties, refreshed from their recess, could get a concerted campaign together to pressurise the Chancellor to announce some form of relief for struggling households in his Spring Budget. After all, the government have been racking in extra VAT from energy customers.

Catriona C Clark