REGARDING your headline “£25 million bid to find fix for Rest and be thankful” (Aug 30). May I refer you to the vast amount of knowledge and experience out there, well studied in the “Synthesis report on the use and design of snow sheds to protect transportation corridors against avalanches”.

Have our engineers not yet proven for themselves that one simply cannot stop mountains shedding themselves into the valleys below?

The solution clearly lies in “snow sheds” or “avalanche galleries”, widely used in the Pyrenees, the Alps and in Canada and North America.

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These constructions allow the fall of debris, be it snow or rock, to be guided over the road to be protected, and down into the valley below, rather than trying to stop them falling at all.

The natural order of things is from up to down. Let us stop this wastefulness of money and time in trying to reverse that order, and instead use proven, tried and trusted methods.

We Scots are recognised as the best engineers in the world. Well, in this case, we will be able to Rest and be Thankful if we actually employ these long-established and well trusted methods.

Christopher Bruce

THE people of southern Fife may have a royal visitor in the coming days or weeks – the schedules is not yet certain. The Prince of Wales may drop in for an unscheduled visit. There was a planned visit in early 2023, but due to circumstances unfolding it may be brought forward.

The Royal Dockyard Rosyth, also known affectionately as “The Concrete Cruiser”, is to be the venue for the visit.

It’s not, as you may think, HRH Prince of Wales, but the ship named in his honour and commissioned by himself and the Countess of Cornwall in 2019. It is the Nato flagship HMS Prince of Wales, the aircraft carrier without aircraft.

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PoW (Prince of Wales) was planning to sail across the pond to take part in an exercise on the eastern US seaboard, where its F35 Lightnings and Drone technology would/could be integrated into its systems. This has been delayed due to an early detection of propeller shaft malfunction which may require the use of the Rosyth Dry Dock. It was always planned that PoW would make use of this facility, but it appears it may be sooner rather than the 2023.

This weapons delivery platform hasn’t had it’s problems to seek, has it? The £3bn carrier’s flight deck cannot accommodate the current Euro Fighter, the Typhoon. The PoW lacks the catapult and arrested recovery needed for the Typhoon, by design.

By all accounts It seems that HMS Prince of Wales may need more work on the starboard propeller shaft and for the F35 trials to be abandoned in the short term. Who foots the bill for this, I wonder? MoD? Or the manufacturer?

Is this another Ajax in the making?

Alistair Ballantyne
Birkhill, Angus

I LIVE a few miles from Hunterston nuclear power stations. So Hunterston B station is to be decommissioned. Does anyone know the estimated cost? I reckon it will not be less than £20 billion.

I quote from EDF’s leaflet: “The majority of the buildings will be demolished in 12 years. Following a long period of inactivity, around 70 years when the reactor buildings are maintained in a safe quiescent state, the remaining site will be decommissioned While future uses of the site will not be achieved for many decades, our decommissioning plan is a stepped approach to dismantling and decontamination towards an end state, allowing for safe radioactive decay, prior to final site clearance.”

So 46 years of so-called cheap energy and decades of a radioactive site , not safe for any future use. Why would anyone choose that as opposed to renewable source of energy!

Those in favour of nuclear often say the wind doesn’t blow all the time, but living close to the sea I can vouch for the tide coming in and out without fail even day. I suggest to any future PM, have all the nuclear power you want but make sure it is in your own back yard.

Incidentally, the nuclear weapons are just a stone’s throw away as the crow flies. I suggest you store them some where far away from the Clyde.

M Forrest
West Kilbride

TRUSS’S pledges on nuclear weapons in the Sunday National must sadden her mother. Priscilla Truss bravely stood out with hundred of others against the cold war consensus of that time in calling for unilateral nuclear disarmament. That movement in the 1980s built the foundations for what had grown to be the settled will of the majority of Scots – to rid our land of nuclear weapons.

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Liz Truss will have heard from her mother the cogent case against them – that they do not deter (eg Russia from attacking Ukraine), that they make us less secure by making us a target, and less sovereign as the US controls the missiles which would deliver the UK nuclear warheads. But Liz Truss will say anything to please her tiny, totally unrepresentative electorate to get power. In office she will duck and weave with no clear ideas of how to tackle our multiple crises.

Duncan Macintosh
Renfrewshire CND