IN England, the weather has recently become dangerously and predictably unstable. There are water shortages and, unless something radical is done, a real likelihood of power cuts this next winter. There can be no doubt that Westminster will call upon their neighbouring Scottish colony to help out.

The reality is that Westminster has repeatedly denied Scotland the means to generate enough power to help. It has even made Scottish generators pay for the privilege. Luckily, the Scottish Government refused to privatise our water supply.

None of this bodes well for the future. Westminster’s reluctance to do anything about the climate crisis puts Scotland at risk. Independence seems to be the only way forward if we are to avoid the catastrophe that is about to befall England. Truss and Sunak patently don’t care about the future. You would think from their utterances that they have no children. By not even addressing climate change, the Tories are sinking into a pit of cack. It’s becoming clearer by the day that we must escape from them.

Tony Kime