ONE important item in Thursday’s excellent news-packed National may not hit the headlines in the Daily Express. Insect populations in Scotland are down 30% in 18 years, whilst in the same period England recorded a 65% decline.

Chemicals, pesticides, air and water pollution and the move into intensive methods of food production are part of a serious survival problem for many species. Without action now, could this include our own?

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Not all gloom and doom if a forward-thinking independent Scotland leads by supporting a return to organic agriculture and the public stop spraying their lawns with weed killer. Every weed has a purpose, even some Tory politicians.

Swallows and house martins have yet to arrive. Stop swatting the midges, they’re a wake-up buzz round the heads of those in Scottish politics. The environment must be top of their list if we wish to maintain the cosy nest that most of us enjoy.

Iain R Thomson