“PENCE urges international community to get tough on Kim Jong Un,” reported The National on Saturday.

Why just North Korea? If North Korea’s nuclear programme has to be up for negotiation, then all nuclear programmes must be drawn into the process.

It is hypocritical cant from the so-called superior West to retain and develop further its weapons of mass destruction with impunity.

America has a ballistic missile programme too, yet it criticises North Korea for its development! The US is aiming to alter rules of engagement for tactical nuclear deployment. The impoverished UK is aiming to upgrade Trident, for example.

Pence wants North Korea to put denuclearisation on the table.

The world is not safe with nuclear proliferation when certain countries such as the USA, Russia, China and Israel, to name but a few, insist on retention.

The hypocrisy of the stance taken by the existing “good-guy” nuclear powers in this current debate is breathtaking to say the least. Let us start to agree to reduce the nuclear arsenal worldwide. There are no winners in retaining them.

John Edgar