SOME people will remember that 167 people that were killed on July 6, 1988 in Scotland’s North Sea when the Piper Alpha platform exploded.

Then on September 22, 1988, there was another blow-out on the Ocean Odyssey oil rig when it exploded – killing Timothy Williams, the new radio operator, on his first hitch.

At a time when we are all correctly complaining about the spike in energy prices and their company profits, we should also remember the price our working brothers and sisters pay.

This is a good time also to remember the damage done to our environment and the consequences of global warming.

There are some really useful and practical alternatives that will keep us warm and defend our environment as well as creating loads of jobs and skilled work, but will not bring short-term super profits for the few.

We need to make sure that the politicians we elect are committed to us and not only the companies’ profits and their bosses.

Norman Lockhart