MHAIRI Black has called on the UK Government to repay a “multi-million black hole” to Scotland ahead of tomorrow’s UK Budget announcement.

The shadow Scotland secretary called out the “brass neck” of Conservative politicians who say austerity is over, but aren’t prepared to pay back what the country is due.

Black said: “If the Tories really have the brass neck to say that austerity is over, then they should put their money where their mouth is and pay back the multi-billion pound black hole that they’ve created in Scotland’s budget.

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“For decades, Scotland has been subjected to a decade of austerity agenda from Westminster governments that it didn’t vote for. Our nation has been short-changed by billions as Theresa May paid off the DUP for their votes, working families are being forced to turn to food banks to get by and our Police and Fire Services have been shafted by the Treasury – all under the Tories’ watch.”

The SNP are demanding that the UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, pays back £13.9 million in Tory cuts since 2010, in addition to Scotland’s missing share of £3 billion from former prime minister Theresa May’s funding allocations in her Government’s deal with the DUP.

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The cumulative costs also include £125m in VAT owed to police and fire services, as well as a £400m shortfall in regional growth deals.

Black added: “The SNP Scottish Government has worked to protect Scotland from the very worst of Westminster austerity. Mitigating the bedroom tax and sweeping cuts to public services – all while its own budget faces savage cuts from the UK Government. This is simply not sustainable.

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“It’s clearer than ever that Westminster doesn’t work for Scotland. As long as the Tories refuse to end these ridiculous policies at source, and expect ordinary Scots to foot the bill for tax cuts to the rich, it’s no wonder that support for Scottish independence is increasing.”