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COMMENT Scotland can be an energy powerhouse but not within the Union

Scotland is, as The National has reported and as all experts from Prof McCrone onwards have agreed, rich with energy resources. These days, what matters is that most of these are sustainable. Where once oil should have given Scotland a wealth and prosperity to rival that of Norway, now it is wind, sun, Highland water and its tides that provide Scotland with a new opportunity to be one of the richest nations on earth because is natural resource endowment is so strong.

comment Will the economy be able to survive the peak of the energy crisis?

I HAVE done a number of media interviews over the last week, and they all suggest that the message I have been trying to impart about the cost-of-living crisis is beginning to get through to some journalists. When I was asked by a BBC reporter “Can our economy survive the crisis that is coming?” I really thought that at long last the scale of the problem that we are facing had begun to be understood. But, of course, my answer did not get on air.