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comment Will the economy be able to survive the peak of the energy crisis?

I HAVE done a number of media interviews over the last week, and they all suggest that the message I have been trying to impart about the cost-of-living crisis is beginning to get through to some journalists. When I was asked by a BBC reporter “Can our economy survive the crisis that is coming?” I really thought that at long last the scale of the problem that we are facing had begun to be understood. But, of course, my answer did not get on air.

COMMENT Richard Murphy: The world food crisis, coming our way soon

THE boss of the World Bank, which is based in Washington DC in the USA, but which operates in just about every country in the world and is an inter-governmental agency created after World War II, rather like the United Nations, has issued two sober warnings to the world this week.

COMMENT Richard Murphy: The Tories have ground down politics on all sides

THERE are moments in the history of any government that are pivotal. I mentioned one with regard to the current Westminster government in my column a week ago. Sunak’s deliberate imposition of poverty, starting on 6 April is one turning point in the history of this government. Partygate will be another. They debacle of Sunak‘s tax affairs provided a third. It is especially rare that these things come in threes.