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Ask Angry: Does the UK know it’s making the case for independence?

I’M Irish and I’m confused. Just what the feck are the Brits doing? As far as I can tell, their eejit Prime Minister appears to be putting plans in place for Irish reunification. This, needless to say, has come as somewhat of a shock. I mean, whether or not the plans are intentional is beside the point – it’s the end result that matters. By the look of it, we’ll be a happy, unified island again before the decade is out.

Ask Angry: Politicians on reality TV – how far is this going to go?

DEAR Angry, In recent years I’ve noticed a growing trend for politicians to make appearances on reality television shows. From doolally Lembit Opik to George Galloway’s foolish feline follies to Kezia Dugdale’s recent decision to appear in the jungle, it seems that politicians love being considered to be celebrities.

Ask Angry: There's no place for the monarchy in an indy Scotland

I HAVE spent my life campaigning for Scottish independence. Without tooting my horn too much – and I do love to toot my horn – you could say that my thoughts and actions brought Scotland closer to independence than ever before in 2014. I think my success is mainly down to me being such a forward-thinking and progressive kind of guy. I’m also a big fan of the monarchy.