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best of scotland New drama follows young band trying to break through in Britpop-era Scotland

For a time Andy McGregor and his mates thought their band might just make it. “We played support for bands like The Subways, Reverend and The Makers, and Idlewild,” says the former frontman of Blind Pew, the 60s-influenced outfit he formed with mates from Ayrshire in 2000. We were always on the hunt. We even turned down a slot with a new band called the Arctic Monkeys because we thought we were too busy.”

best of scotland Scottish artist unveils new Glasgow Airport artwork inspired by schoolchildren

THE children of St Anne’s Primary are on the march. Some are down by the harbour in Aberdeen, some crossing the river in their hometown of Glasgow, and others posing with wild animals in Southampton. One has a fish under his arm, another is playing with a set of scales. Each one of them is heading in the same direction – down past Boots, round by Starbucks and on through to the departure gates.

best of scotland Musician and author's new music inspired by the Scottish island of his birth

AS a child, Colin MacIntyre would spend hours every week staring from the window of his grandad’s living room, peering up Tobermory High Street, lost in his thoughts. Whatever the boy’s dilly-dallys were, the notion one day he’d be back in the same spot decades later, in another life, would have been too fanciful for even a child’s imagination. Yet later this month, the singer-songwriter and author will release a new music and literary project that has returned him to the very source of his creative life.