Richard Murphy is Professor of Accounting Practice, Sheffield University Management School, a chartered accountant and economic justice campaigner. He blogs at and tweets at @RichardJMurphy

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COMMENT As we're all shorn of hope, where is the vision from our politicians?

THE usual rule of politics is that everything closes down for the summer. As the world heads on holiday those who are engaged with issues around politics, the economy, and all matters relating to them can usually take a little step back. It's the time to do nothing, or at least to look at the bigger picture that is all too often lost from view in the hub-bub of day-to-day news.

COMMENT The Scottish Budget 'black hole' reflects a failing system, not a failing government

THERE is a story doing the rounds today that the Scottish Government is facing a £2 billion black hole in its finances this year. Unsurprisingly Labour MSPs are saying this is indication of mismanagement of Scotland’s finances by the SNP. Just as unsurprisingly, the SNP has dismissed that as nonsense. But what might the truth be? This issue is serious enough for reasoned debate and not name calling to take centre stage instead.

COMMENT Richard Murphy: This is the big problem with the BBC right now

WHAT have Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel, Lewis Goodall and Andrew Marr got in common? The answer is that they are just the latest amongst the BBC’s better journalists who have quit for what I can only assume are better jobs at Global, which is the national radio network whose premier news broadcasting service is LBC. They join others who made the same journey a little earlier, including Eddie Mair and Sheila Fogarty.

COMMENT The problem with telling people to avoid pay rises during an inflation crisis

BANK of England Governor Andrew Bailey told the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons this week that what the country needed now was people to give up their pay rises so that inflation could be brought under control. He literally could not have got his diagnosis of the problem we face or the prescription of the measures needed to tackle it more wrong if he had set out to do so.