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COMMENT To isolate Putin we must insulate our homes

LAST week marked six months since the signing of the Glasgow Agreement at COP26. This should have been a historic moment, where the world finally pulled back from the brink and kept the promise to stop global rising beyond 1.5 degrees.

comment The Tories are doubling down on the failed strategy that put us in this mess

WITH a cost-of-living crisis fuelled by soaring oil and gas prices and war, there’s never been a more important time to accelerate our pathway toward a just transition away from fossil fuels. Wednesday’s Spring Statement did little to help the millions of people who are being punished by escalating energy prices and offered nothing to tackle the climate crisis. In fact, the word climate wasn’t used once.

COMMENT We can’t underestimate the consequences of Storm Arwen

SCOTLAND is known for its turbulent weather, but it’s not often that we get 100mph winds. However, that’s exactly what happened last week when we were hit by Storm Arwen. The response from the emergency services was characteristically swift, but some of the damage will take a long time to repair.

COMMENT Mark Ruskell: The green recovery needs safe and reliable transport

THE role of public transport in the recovery from the pandemic was always going to be challenging one. After months of being told to keep our distance from each other and not to gather in groups, the prospect of getting on a train or bus will be daunting one, especially for those who remain vulnerable to the virus even when they are vaccinated.