Dr Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and academic on Scottish and UK politics and society.

He has written and edited over two dozen books on Scotland, the UK, and the future of society, politics and ideas including Scotland the Brave? Twenty Years of Change and the Future of the Nation (Luath Press), The Story of the Scottish Parliament: The First Two Decades Explained (Edinburgh University Press), The Strange Death of Labour Scotland (Edinburgh University Press) and Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland (Luath Press).

His writing and research can be found at: www.gerryhassan.com

Latest articles from Gerry Hassan

COMMENT Gerry Hassan: How London and the world fail to understand Scottish independence

SCOTTISH politics occasionally draws the attention of the London political and media class, so when former BBC staffer Andrew Marr (now the New Statesman’s political editor) addressed Scotland, the SNP and the nature of independence in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine it garnered interest. His article was awarded the New Statesman’s front cover with the title “Sturgeon’s nuclear dilemma” as well as the magazine’s editorial.

COMMENT We need to talk about power of sovereignty within Scotland

SOVEREIGNTY is a big word, much used and abused in modern times. It is there in the debate on Brexit and assertion of parliamentary sovereignty; it is evident in the independence question and Scotland’s right to decide its own future. And it can be found in stark black and white terms in the right of the Ukrainian people to resist Russian aggression and choose the kind of country they want to live in.