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Alyn Smith (right) with the SNP’s Westminster defence team: Dave Doogan (left), Stewart McDonald and Carol Monaghan

COMMENT Alyn Smith: Independence in Europe has never been so attractive

IN amongst the bleakness of UK politics, and Westminster in particular, there’s two things that keep me going – that the shambolic repellence of this rotten UK Government will win more Scots to Yes, and that the real world chaos of Brexit will boost our case, independence in Europe. Last week I had a boost myself, finally getting back to Brussels after the long Covid absence.

A visit to Stirling University alongside Patrick Harvie showed the green progress so far

COMMENT Alyn Smith: Now is the time to push for an energy system refresh

THE ongoing energy crisis has reinforced the importance of energy independence, moving away from fossil fuels and living more sustainably. Last Friday, I visited Stirling University alongside the Scottish Greens co-leader and Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights, Patrick Harvie, where they were keen to show us how they are doing just that and what more they can achieve with more support.

Both Russia and Ukraine are amongst the most important producers of agricultural products globally

COMMENT Alyn Smith: Putin’s attack on Ukraine will shape world for years

THE SNP have been warning about the cost-of-living storm caused by a dangerous cocktail of inflation, Tory taxes and Brexit. Now, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is threatening to make this storm a hurricane with devastating implications for our society’s energy needs and food security. Putin’s unprovoked attack is going to result in effects that will shape our world for years, if not decades to come.

Alyn Smith: It's high time Westminster got the message on Ukraine

COMMENT Alyn Smith: It's high time Westminster got the message on Ukraine

IN news that will surprise nobody, the French interior minister decried the UK’s approach to Ukrainian refugees as “inhumane” on Sunday. The compassionate Priti Patel, of course, denied the accusations – don’t the French know that the UK has let in 300 Ukrainians on visas since this crisis began?