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BEST OF SCOTLAND Roy Brett of Ondine Oyster & Grill shares the secrets of his ongoing success

AFTER 37 years in chef’s whites and 13 at the helm of Ondine, Roy Brett is still happiest in the kitchen. “I just want to keep cooking,” he says. Despite a storm-battered few years for the restaurant industry, Roy’s enthusiasm remains. “Working in hospitality, you either love it or you don’t,” he adds. “I love this restaurant. It means a lot to our family. It’s our way of life.”

BEST OF SCOTLAND Tuck into a food tour of Highland Perthshire

Once home to mainly traditional hotels, today there’s a new energy in the food scene in Highland Perthshire. Local produce is centre stage, discovers Ailsa Sheldon, with increased creativity, innovation and fun in the kitchens across Big Tree Country.

BEST OF SCOTLAND Explore the wonders of Caithness and Sutherland

The popularity of the North Coast 500 has brought a surge in tourism to the most northerly part of the mainland, however moves are afoot to encourage visitors to venture away from the route and experience the wider area and its rapidly expanding range of attractions.