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yessay The indy movement needs something different in order to beat the status quo

IN the 1935 General Election, my grandmother, Mary Macdonald, stood as a Liberal candidate in the then Kinross and West Perthshire constituency in opposition to the Conservative candidate, the Duchess of Atholl. Granny campaigned on a platform of Home Rule, of land reform and support for the League of Nations; she railed against the depopulation of rural Scotland, of the price of housing, the arms race, the centralising forces that took power away from parish councils and the decline of the Gael

yessay Our independent Scotland will be free of the shackles imposed against our will

THE majority of Scots were against the Acts of Union. In 1706, opposition to the Treaty of Union was voiced by petitions from parishes, presbyteries and burghs, and riots broke out in Scotland’s cities. The Duke of Hamilton promised to speak for the people but when it came to the vote in Parliament, he stayed home with toothache. In retaliation, an angry mob chased his coach through the streets of Edinburgh. Like many of the nobles in the Scottish Parliament, Hamilton ran up huge debts, making

Imagine a Tory boot stamping on a Scottish face – forever

I AM 74 years old and have a decent pension and own my house. So I am a dyed-in-the-wool Tory Unionist, right? Wrong! I have placed my cross beside SNP since I was able to vote, voted Yes at the last independence referendum and will certainly do so at the next one. Why?

YESSAY An independent Scotland’s best gift can be real democracy

IMAGINE a great raffle of string, threads and wool, an impossible fankle. That’s pretty much how democracy seems today. Where does it start, where does it go, does it still matter? Let’s find the main thread among the tangle and separate it all out. Can we rediscover the really very simple and important principles? Maybe then we can re-establish why it is the most precious thing we have.

YESSAY Ending nuclear nightmare is elephant in the room on independence

WHY independence? There are many reasons why a thoughtful person should choose independence, but one stands out among these so pre-eminently that, like the elephant in the kitchen, everyone is too polite to actually talk about it. Also the issue is itself so overwhelming that it defies the imagination.