Journalist and broadcaster Ruth Wishart has won many awards for her columns over the years. She writes mainly about Scottish and UK politics, but also covers American elections, and a diverse range of social issues. Glaswegian born and bred, she currently lives in Argyll.

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COMMENT Ruth Wishart: We must work to convince the switherers – whatever their generation

BACK in the day when satirical irreverence still featured as a normal part of our TV diet, there was a show called That Was The Week That Was. It covered whatever happened of any political moment in a big, fat dollop of distrust. But it always did so with humour and wit; handing out its verdicts with the equivalent of a televised wink. And handing outs its brickbats to all and sundry.

comment Ruth Wishart: America is a sick country which refuses to trust the obvious cure

SOME statistics. There are more guns in America than there are people. This year shooting outpaced car accidents or drugs as the commonest cause of death in America’s children. The latest shooter was allowed by law to buy a semi automatic weapon as soon as he was 18. He did so at 18 and one day. At 18 and a couple of days more he killed a lot of little children. At 18 and a couple of days more he was dead.