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COMMENT Tories have a taboo on mentioning Brexit or climate in UK's wonderland

WELCOME to Wonderland, with its capital city the Absurdian metropolis on the Thames and it’s outlying Territories to the North and West. It’s a land on fire with no coherent national plan for coping with the new climate reality, which most of its leaders, currently on a two-month permanent media-loop on all frequencies have anything to say about at all.

comment Bridging the ravine: Building a Scottish democracy that works

IN the latest paper (re)making the case for independence, Renewing Democracy Through Independence, the First Minister argues that there is a democratic deficit in which: “Westminster retains ultimate power – even on devolved matters – and over recent years, as this paper shows, the UK Government has acted to override decisions of the Scottish Parliament and claw back powers in devolved areas.”

comment A second independence vote and how the left can find its Red October

THE referendum will probably be on the first or second Thursday of October 2023. The question facing many on the left in Scotland, is how should radical, alternative and progressive forces relate to the constitutional question? While much of the Scottish left still sees the “break up of the British state” as a creative act, the idea handed down from John Maclean, others are not so sure.

COMMENT The attack on food standards and transparency is an attack on democracy

AS Pat Thomas has written: “On the first day of his premiership, Boris Johnson vowed to ‘liberate’ genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in farming and food from stuffy EU regulations. The declaration was a little vague on details but was widely viewed as a Brexit win; a very public display of how different modern Britain’s goals and aspirations are from those of the stuffy old EU.”